FAQs for UP Sainik School

What is UP Sainik School?

UP Sainik School is an esteemed institution in Uttar Pradesh dedicated to providing quality education and military training to young boys & Girls.

Where is UP Sainik School located?

UP Sainik School is located in Lucknow. One more School is being added in Gorkhpur from the academic year 2024-25

What classes are available at UP Sainik School?

Admission is taken in class 6 & class 9.

How can I get admission to UP Sainik School?

Eligibility –> Online application –> Entrance Exam –> Interview –> Medical

When is the Exam for UP Sainik School conducted?

The Exam for UP Sainik School is usually conducted in the month of December .

What subjects are covered in the Exam for UP Sainik School?

The Exam typically includes subjects like Mathematics, English, General Knowledge, and Intelligence, varying depending on the class for which a student is seeking admission.

Who can apply to UP Sainik Schools

Only the wards of UP DOMICILE can write this exam. The child and the father should be residents of UP.

Can girls apply to UP Sainik Schools

Yes , girls can apply.

How many times UP Sainik Schools conducts its entrance examination ?

It conducts its examination once in a year, i.e. December.

Where can I get the actual papers of UP Sainik Schools Exam

The papers with solutions can be accessed at https://compassdoon.com/exams/?school=up-sainik-school#recent-papers-solutions-up-sainik-school