Medical Standards For Admission To Sainik School

All candidates before admission to Sainik School shall be subjected to a medical examination by a Board consisting of military or civil doctors.

The standards of health and medical fitness would be the same as laid down for the NDA Examination. In view of the tender age of the boys, however, no standards of height, weight and chest measurement will be applicable at the time of admission.

Particulars Better Eye Worse Eye
Distant Vision 6/6 6/18
Correctable to 6/6 6/9

Colour Perception

Inability to distinguish colours will be permanent rejection. Myopia not to exceed minus 1.5D including astigmatism. Manifest Hypermetropia not to exceed plus 2.5 D Sph including astigmatism. Fundus & Media – to be healthy with no changes of myopia. Visual fields to be full in each eye. Binocular Vision and stereopsis must be good. Mild Trachoma, Stage III or IV, with a regressive corneal pannus of not more than 1 to 2 mm may be accepted provided in the opinion of the specialist, exacerbation or deterioration is not likely. Surgical correction or laser treatement of Myopia is a permanent rejection.

Note : This is a note taken from last year prospectus. The parameters may change every year.

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